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Rating 5 Dentist Lakewood Dr. Scott Stewart DDS 5 Star Reviewed by Cindy

I can't say enough about the 'extensive' dentistry Dr. Stewart performed for me! Dr. Stewart was able to make the procedures I needed affordable for me and I was able to go forward and get my mouth and smile restored for my lifetime.

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Headache, Migraines and Facial Pain

At South Lakewood Dental in Colorado, Dr. Scott Stewart and his team of professionals believe that dental work doesn’t just stop at the teeth and gums. Several issues may also be linked to oral health including problems such as chronic migraines, headaches and facial pain.

Many of these issues can be addressed using a process called TruDenta. TruDenta is a proprietary treatment option that can be used when there are issues related to unbalanced dental forces. This may include chronic headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, vertigo and TMJ disorder. When these problems arise, Dr. Scott Stewart and his team will begin an extensive evaluation to determine ways to address them.

The assessment process for TruDenta starts with bite force analysis. This will determine the imbalances in the mouth. A range of motion analysis is done to check for muscle tension and inflammation. A headache history form and a head health questionnaire may be provided to ask the patient about their experiences with headaches and migraines and other concerns they may have. Finally, our team will perform a muscle examination during which they check for muscle tightness around the jaw area.

Dr. Scott Stewart is proud to introduce the TruDenta treatment solutions to patients who are proper candidates. There are no medications, no injections, and patients can get their quality of life back and start living pain-free! For most of our patients, treatments include in-office services that are personalized to their specific needs and they may include ultrasound therapy, muscle manipulation, cold laser therapy and micro current treatment. Between treatments, patients are encouraged to follow at at-home care, which may include wearing special mouth guard like orthotics, specific exercises, and at home micro current therapy as well as proven healing supplements to alleviate pain and the tension that may be contributing to their condition.

If you live in or around the areas of Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, or Denver, now is the perfect time to contact Dr. Scott Stewart and his team about problems such as headache, migraines and facial pain, which may be linked to oral health.

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