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Dr. H. Scott Stewart
Rating 5 Dentist Lakewood Dr. Scott Stewart DDS 5 Star Reviewed by Cindy

I can't say enough about the 'extensive' dentistry Dr. Stewart performed for me! Dr. Stewart was able to make the procedures I needed affordable for me and I was able to go forward and get my mouth and smile restored for my lifetime.

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Laser Dentistry

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Rating: 5 Laser Dentistry Lakewood - Five Star Review
Dr. H. Scott Stewart
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Laser Dentistry Lakewood - Left CommaLaser dentistry is awesome! No pain! No Numbness! Wow! I love my dentist even more now! I am amazed this is available!Laser Dentistry Lakewood - Right Comma
Laser Dentistry Lakewood - Introducing Laser Dentistry Introducing Laser Dentistry! While you might think that the traditional "drill" is the only tool a dentist uses to remove decay and restore teeth, the advanced technology of a laser has the advantage of being more accurate, minimally invasive and produces very little noise! Waterlase™ uses air, water and energy to accomplish routine dental procedures quickly, comfortably and efficiently. It is safe for all ages and because the water is the “working component”, there is little if any discomfort. In fact, many of our patients opt out of “shots” or numbing with Waterlase™!

Ezlase™ is laser technology for softer tissues. We utilize this laser for the non-surgical treatment of gum disease and for cosmetic correction of the gum line when we are building a beautiful smile!

DIAGNOdent™ laser technology allows us to detect decay before it is visible in the teeth. During a routine checkup, Dr. Stewart can “scan” the teeth for areas of early decay that are not visible. Having an early detection device allows us to start enamel regeneration if possible before a cavity actually appears or if the tooth must be repaired, the restoration will be significantly smaller. This laser truly makes it possible for “minimally invasive” dentistry.

While not a laser, the Global™ Medical Surgical Microscope is essential to the quality of our dentistry. The naked eye is no longer enough when using advanced technology. By magnifying (enlarging) and bringing the treatment area into sharper focus, teeth can be repaired more conservatively and with better final results than ever before! This technology is a must when performing minimally invasive dentistry!

We invite you to come in and talk to us about laser technology and how it could be utilized to help you with your dental health goals. We believe a pleasant, non-stressful dental appointment is what every patient wants and deserves – give us a call!

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