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Dr. H. Scott Stewart
Rating 5 Dentist Lakewood Dr. Scott Stewart DDS 5 Star Reviewed by Cindy

I can't say enough about the 'extensive' dentistry Dr. Stewart performed for me! Dr. Stewart was able to make the procedures I needed affordable for me and I was able to go forward and get my mouth and smile restored for my lifetime.

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Meet Dr. Scott Stewart

Rating: 5
Dr. H. Scott Stewart Reviewed by K. Burns, Lakewood, CO

Meet Lakewood Dentist Dr. Scott Stewart - Left CommaDr. Stewart is the most skilled dentist I've ever gone to. He's everything you want in a dentist: patient, methodical, skilled, available and informativeMeet Lakewood Dentist Dr. Scott Stewart - Right Comma
Meet Lakewood Dentist Dr. Scott Stewart, dentist in LakewoodA "good old Midwestern kind of guy", I started my life journey in Pawnee City, Nebraska. Graduating from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with my DDS degree in hand, I proceeded to follow up with internships in Ohio and Tennessee. Colorado became my permanent home in 1982 and after some years as an associate, I established my own practice in Lakewood, CO.

About 10+ years ago, I began to take my practice in a different direction with emphasis on healthier, more “biological” solutions for my patients – I stepped outside “traditional”. It has taken me “outside the box” with respect to dentistry as I learned it. In doing so, I have discovered the world of “alternative medicine” and a very different way of thinking, learning, understanding and applying dentistry! I have met and learned from incredibly educated, skilled and knowledgeable minds – dentists, doctors and other professionals who seek a healthier, “back to basics”, “back to nature” way of helping their patients. The technology available to us today is awesome, but it needs to be applied in a way that makes sense, enhances/promotes health and does no harm.

What this means to my patients is that I provide options that may not be available in every dental office - laser dentistry (awesome), laser periodontal therapy, biomimetic tooth restoration, ozone therapy, and mercury-free dentistry with mercury-safe protocols. I also have completed extensive education and training in the making of top quality cosmetic dentures for helping patients with difficult denture problems and I am trained and certified in the placing of Mini Dental Implants. For those of my patients who want excellent cosmetic dentistry, I completed training with the Las Vegas Institute in the “art” of beautiful teeth!

My ongoing education and training is an integral part of me as a dentist – it will only stop when I do! One of my most incredible moments came when I co-wrote "Inside Job" with a team of top dentists and when published, the book reached best selling status in three categories!

My next incredibly exciting moment came recently when I completed training and certification to become a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician (NMD)!!! Alright!!!

Outside the office, I am a card carrying member of the Masons (32°), happily active as a Shrine clown (get to put a face on and act goofy) and I am a member of the Professional Colorado Clown Association. I fly fish when I can, play some golf (my wife beats me), and I am an inveterate reader. In June of 2013, I married Stephanie, the love of my life and a hygienist of 38 years experience – she keeps me honest – the Lord and life are good!

I love what I do and I would love to share it with you! I have a great office crew, a small homey kind of office and we are very easy to be around! Come on in and spend a few minutes with us – we may just have what you are looking for!

Dr. H. Scott Stewart, DDS, NMD
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