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Working with a quality dentist such as Dr. Scott Stewart is the best way to determine the most appropriate method of tooth replacement. For many of our patients, mini dental implants may be a great way of replacing one or more teeth.

Mini dental implants are similar to traditional implants but are smaller and require a less invasive procedure to place. Most patients can have them placed and restored in the same day. Standard implants require time for the process of osseointegration to occur. This is the growth of the bone around the implant to hold it in place. This entire process is eliminated with the placement of mini dental implants which require less bone for success.

Mini dental implants can be used to facilitate the replacement of a single tooth or to hold dentures in place for full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Scott Stewart and his team of professionals at South Lakewood Dental encourage patients to consider mini dental implants in lieu of other restorative methods whenever possible, including dental bridges and traditional dentures, full or partial. An evaluation is the best way to determine which type of restoration is appropriate for an individual, taking into consideration dental health and lifestyle as factors in determination.

While other restorative methods may be beneficial for some patients, mini dental implants can provide permanent restoration with less fuss. Patients don’t have to worry about cleaning meticulously underneath a dental bridge. This allows individuals to worry less about their smile and enjoy life without interruption.

Patients in and around the area of Lakewood who want to learn more about the benefits of using mini dental implants as an alternative to standard implants are welcome to book a consultation visit at South Lakewood Dental. Call (855) 233-0023 and schedule an appointment. We welcome new patients into our state-of-the-art holistic dental practice.

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