What is the benefit of restorative dentistry for Lakewood area residents?

Benefit of restorative dentistry for Lakewood area

Time, trauma, and disease can have a negative effect on the teeth, gum tissue, and bone. When patients visit their Lakewood area dentist with concerns regarding the functionality and the appearance of their smiles, they may be introduced to a special area of dentistry called restorative dentistry.

What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a method of improving the aesthetics and the efficiency of the teeth and gums. In most cases, it may be related to tooth loss, damage to the smile, or even areas of decay. It can include tooth replacement options (such as dental implants, dentures, and bridges), restoration of natural tooth structure due to decay (fillings), and covering areas of damage or poor aesthetics (veneers and dental bonding). Restorative dentistry is also a part of general dentistry and can provide patients with a way to make dramatic or subtle improvements to their smile.
Patients can work with Dr. Scott Stewart to better understand the solutions available to them and determine which one will work best with their lifestyle, budget, and desired results. Dr. Scott Stewart can help guide patients through the process and help them by recommending the most conservative, durable, and affordable solutions while keeping aesthetics, comfort, and price in mind.

Restorative dentistry benefits patients by allowing them to achieve the smile of their dreams. Many years can take a toll on the smile causing it to become dull and damaged. Improving the function and aesthetics of the smile can boost one’s confidence and self-esteem. Patients may find that many restorative procedures are covered by their dental insurance plans, and can speak with their dentist about how to finance their final charges.

Lakewood, CO area residents who are considering restorative dentistry and want to take the time to educate themselves on the many options available for improving the function and beauty of the smile are encouraged to contact South Lakewood Dental today to make an appointment with Dr. Scott Stewart and his team.

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