How a dentist in Lakewood can repair your dental implant if it is damaged

Repair than a broken tooth, South Lakewood Dental

Though dental implants are made to be resilient, getting a dental implant doesn’t make your smile immune to all future damage. Neither you nor your dentist should expect your implant to be damaged if you are taking good care of it, but it is still possible for damage to occur.

Aren’t dental implants permanent?

Yes, dental implants are meant to be permanent restorations that will function just like natural teeth. However, just like with natural permanent teeth, the fact that implants are meant to be permanent doesn’t mean that they will last forever. Natural teeth can break and chip if they are not cared for properly, so in the same way, implants may also break if you are not careful. Unlike natural teeth, dental implants will not decay or develop infection, so in some ways they are even more durable than normal teeth.

How can an implant be damaged?

Although a poorly placed implant may have trouble bonding and could fall out, with a skilled implant dentist, this should rarely happen. Proper planning and evaluation before placing the implant should help prevent this from occurring. The more likely problem to occur with an implant is a broken crown. This could happen because you bit into something hard or suffered some kind of trauma, essentially any of the same things that could break or damage a natural tooth.

How can an implant be repaired?

Thankfully, a broken implant crown is actually much easier to repair than a broken tooth. If possible, the dentist will repair the crown if it is not too badly damaged. In the case that it is badly damaged, though, the dentist will simply place a new crown over the implant. Either way, repairing a damaged implant is in many ways much simpler than trying to repair a damaged tooth.

If your smile has been improved by dental implants but one of your implants has been damaged in some way, you should visit our office in Lakewood to find out how the dentist can repair your implant. Give us a call right now at (855) 233-0023 and schedule your visit.

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