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The loss of a tooth happens. Whether it is due to poor habits such as smoking, old age or accident, there is a good chance most of us will have to go through the process of replacing a lost tooth or teeth. Currently there are three main options for patients: partial dentures or implants. While each one has their benefits, the preferred method is with dental implants.

How it Works

Traditional implants are made of titanium, making them incredibly strong and long lasting. A surgical procedure is performed to place the implant into the jawbone. Later, the bone will fuse to the implant, providing ample structure to keep both the jaw and surrounding teeth stable. A crown is placed on top of the implant to complete your new tooth. Crowns can be made of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, a metal alloy, ceramic or resin depending on the needs and desiresof the patient.

Our offices also provide the option of a Zirconium implant, meaning it is completely metal free. For patients who have a metal allergy or simply prefer to have no metal in their mouths, this is an excellent alternative.

Whereas fixed bridges require the dentist to reduce healthy surrounding teeth, and partial dentures can be cumbersome and hard to clean, dental implants provide a focused and enduring treatment option for missing teeth. For people who are missing multiple teeth, there is now the option of implant supported full dentures. This entails several implants being placed to provide stability when the denture is snapped over them, and it allows patients to eat the foods they want without fear of the dentures moving about.

For patients who have bone loss that prevents an implant from being put in or are suffering from aconditionthat bars implantation, we offer mini dental implants. Performed in an office setting without surgery, these mini implants can anchor dentures while providing everyday function.

To understand how implants work and to see if they may be right for you, call South Lakewood Dental today to schedule an appointment.

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