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Dental Laser Treatment from expert dentist Lakewood Colorado

Patients in and around the Lakewood, Colorado community who are interested in quality dental care are welcome to connect with Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental. He invests back into his practice to ensure patients have access to the solutions they need for precision care. When patients are faced with periodontal disease, they can ask our team about the benefits of the Ezlase™ treatment.

What is Ezlase™?

Ezlase™ is a laser device that uses laser lights to address the softer tissues in the mouth. This includes the gum tissue. The laser can be used for the treatment of:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Uneven gum lines

Dr. Scott Stewart uses this device primarily for the treatment of periodontal disease. The laser light can treat areas of infection quickly and easily without being invasive or surgical in nature. This eliminates the need for treatment such as scaling and root planing often recommended for the later stages of periodontal disease by other dentists. Patients enjoy Ezlase™ treatment as they are comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.

Who is a candidate for Ezlase™?

All patients can benefit from this laser periodontal treatment readily available in our practice. Dr. Scott Stewart of South Lakewood Dental encourages patients to learn more about this service and determine if it is right for them. For patients with less bacteria in the mouth, but in the earlier stages of periodontal disease, a simple cleaning with our dental hygienist may be effective enough. During an initial evaluation and diagnosis, our team will make recommendations based on the needs of the patient.

Interested in discussing laser treatments with a dedicated dental professional?

Now is the perfect time to reach out to Dr. Scott Stewart of South Lakewood Dental to discuss the benefits of working with laser therapies for improving the smile. Contact his team today at (855) 233-0023 and visit the practice located at 2525 S. Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 1. His facility includes state-of-the-art treatments for optimum dental care solutions.


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