Denver CO dentist provides non-metal, mini alternatives to standard titanium dental implants

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While many dentists in Denver CO offer dental implants, Dr. Stewart offers the latest modern and healthy alternatives in addition to conventional titanium.

The “standard” approach

Most implants start with a cylindrical-shaped post placed in the jawbone. Once fused with the surrounding, supportive bone, the post provides a stable foundation for the restoration placed by Dr. Stewart’s Surgeon. Traditionally, this implant has been made from titanium, a lightweight yet strong metal used in many medical prosthetics.

The modern, non-metal way

South Lakewood Dental is among the first practices in Wheat Ridge and greater metro area to place ceramic implants as an alternative to titanium. Zirconium allows patients with metal sensitivities who otherwise wouldn’t be candidates for implant-supported teeth to enjoy the superior functionality, feel, and form of this tooth replacement option.

Implants: The mini dental way

As its name suggests, the mini dental implant is slightly smaller than its standard counterpart. The mini implant distinguishes with its requirement of less bone structure for successful placement. These features are important for individuals with insufficient bone who otherwise wouldn’t be candidates for dental implant surgery.

Since South Lakewood Dental offers so many options for dental implants, many more patients can benefit from this technique’s advantageous features. The dental implant-supported tooth is designed like a natural, healthy tooth. The implant itself is rooted in the jawbone for unmatched fit and to prevent the ill effects of dental appliances that tend to slip or become loose. These conventional approaches also do nothing to promote the strength of underlying bone. The loss of bone mass and density is associated with a cascade of problems, from changes in facial shape and appearance to problems with chewing and speaking.

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