How Denver area patients are benefitting from laser dentistry

In recent years, the field of dentistry has undergone tremendous changes. We have seen the development of new techniques, such as dental implants, and the astounding growth of cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, laser technology has made its way into every area of dentistry, from diagnostics to restoration and aesthetics. We enjoy the ability that we now have to incorporate innovative devices into treatments to achieve the ultimate outcomes.
Laser dentistry does not refer to the use of any specific type of laser or technique. There are numerous applications for which laser technology is appropriate. These include soft tissue treatments, hard tissue treatments, diagnostic care, and more.

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Advantages of laser dentistry

Soft tissue treatments used to involve scalpels and sutures. These techniques have been replaced by gentler, more efficient laser devices, which are more accurate. Patients appreciate the fact that lasers cut and cauterize at the same time, which minimizes bleeding, post-operative pain, and swelling.
Hard tissue treatments such as cavity repair typically require the use of a dental drill, except in the dental office that uses efficient laser equipment. Patients of South Lakewood Dental quickly learn that cavity repair need not be stressful or uncomfortable. Our use of the WaterLase device minimizes vibration, heat, and noise.
Diagnostic evaluation is crucial to prompt, conservative treatment. Laser cavity detection allows us to see cavities right away, sometimes, before they are evident on x-rays. Laser cavity detection is comfortable for the patient, as it does not involve poking teeth, we just a laser light over them.

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We are proud of our suite of lasers, and of the ability we have to create greater comfort and efficiency for our patients. The conservative nature of laser devices fits right in to the philosophies of holistic dentistry, which include maximizing treatments to promote long-term beauty, health, and wellness for each patient. Learn more about your treatment options when you call (855) 233-0023 to schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Stewart.
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