What does it mean to see a holistic dentist in Lakewood?

Many people receive health care and dental care without questioning the wisdom and safety of the treatments they receive. However, more and more people today are beginning to realize that many standard dental care practices may not be the best options available. Dr. Scott Stewart, DDS, BCNP is a holistic dentist who believes that there are better alternatives to traditional dental care and provides his patients with holistic care at South Lakewood Dental.

What does it mean to see a holistic dentist

Alternative Methods

First, Dr. Stewart, like other holistic dentists, believes in taking a different approach to dentistry and using alternative methods to provide you with the safest and most effective care. A large part of this involves using biocompatible treatments and balancing the health of your smile by paying attention to the health of your whole body. Your health can affect your dental health, and likewise, your dental health can affect your overall health. This is why a holistic dentist is careful to keep your whole body health in mind when treating your smile. Dr. Stewart utilizes special biocompatibility tools such as the Biological Microscopic Periodontal Scan to help him find the true cause of dental problems and begin the correct treatment.

Alternative Materials

In order to safeguard your total health holistic dentists are very careful about the materials they use in your smile. Materials that are commonly used by traditional dentists include amalgam fillings, which contain high levels of mercury. Holistic dentists such as Dr. Stewart have a strict no-mercury policy to avoid any potential hazards to your health or the health of your dental workers and the environment. This means that Dr. Stewart will use durable alternative filling and restoration materials such as resin or porcelain, which pose few health risks in your smile.

If you have been looking for an alternative to the dental care you have been receiving, you might want to consider seeing a holistic dentist. Dr. Stewart at South Lakewood Dental will consider all aspects of your health before carefully choosing the most natural treatments for your smile. Call (855) 233-0023 today to ask us more about holistic dentistry.

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Dr. Scott Stewart - South Lakewood Dental

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Dr. Scott Stewart is a practitioner of dentistry for over 25 years and has acquired much expertise over the years. Along with his talent, Dr. Stewart appreciates the multitude of contributions made to the field of dentistry via novel and progressive technology.

Whilst being passionate about his service to the community, Dr. Stewart is a revolutionary in his approach to tackling dental health care issues. He is a firm believer in the harmonious balance of the body as opposed to treating symptoms. He emphasizes on the holistic practice of wellbeing and addressing underlying issues to make the “whole person” healthier.