Avoid mercury poisoning with composite fillings

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental helps to avoid mercury poisoning with composite fillings.

As a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice in the Denver metro, South Lakewood Dental prides itself in responsible handling and removal of this metal, and in the safe restoration of damaged teeth with nontoxic dental materials. Why the fuss over mercury? While you can’t avoid some exposure in the air, water, and foods such as swordfish, mercury poisoning can occur quickly or build up over time. Mercury’s ill effects take on many different forms, including: Mood and cognitive disorders Impaired vision Muscle wasting Speech impairment Birth defects Inflammation You may be exposed to mercury through silver fillings. These fillings, which have … Continue reading

The effects of mercury toxicity on pregnancy for Lakewood area residents

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental about the effects of mercury toxicity on pregnancy for lakewood area residents.

Dr. Scott Stewart of South Lakewood Dental is a quality, holistic dentist ready and willing to serve patients in and around the community. He helps residents understand the importance of holistic dental care and the dangers of mercury exposure. Many dentists still use silver amalgam fillings to address cavities. While this material has been used for many decades, it has been shown to be extremely harmful. Silver amalgam fillings are metal fillings that contain up to 50 percent mercury. Mercury is toxic to humans. Why are dentists still putting toxic materials into the mouths of their patients? At South Lakewood … Continue reading

Patients in Lakewood ask, “Is there a connection between autism and mercury in amalgam fillings?”

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental explains whether there a connection between autism and mercury in amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are composed of about half mercury and typically other metals including tin, silver and copper. Although dentists have been placing these fillings for more than two centuries, it has been proven mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings enters the body and can affect the fetus. Mercury is a neurotoxin that been proven to be a cause and contributor to developmental and learning disorders. Studies have also linked mercury to autism in children. Dr. Scott Stewart, a highly sought after holistic dentist, can explain the potential connection between the neurotoxin and the neurodevelopmental disorder, autism. Patients seek Dr. Stewart … Continue reading

Lakewood patients ask, “Does the amalgam filling in your teeth contain poison?”

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental explains whether the amalgam filling in your teeth contain poison.

The term poison is defined as, “a substance that causes illness, injury, or death if taken into the body or produced within the body.” Mercury is a neurotoxin that makes up about half of a silver amalgam fillings. Amalgam can leak mercury vapors into the body, which can lead to birth defects and health conditions such as kidney problems. Therefore, mercury contained in amalgam can cause illness or injury when taken into the body and could be classified as a poison. Patients who are concerned about the effect of dental procedures and materials on overall health and wellbeing seek respected … Continue reading

Holistic dentistry practice helps Lakewood patients avoid heavy metal poisoning

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental helps lakewood patients avoid heavy metal poisoning

People don’t always realize the effects certain condition can have on the rest of the body. Even some specialized practices are primarily concerned with just treating the affected area rather than considering how it is related to the patient’s overall health. Here at South Lakewood Dental, we practice in holistic dentistry. Unlike some of our counterparts, we treat oral care as part of a bigger system of health related issues in order to provide our patients with the best all-encompassing care. Periodontal diseases in some cases can be a precursor to heart disease and diabetic issues. They can also be … Continue reading

Lakewood dental practice offers safe removal of silver-mercury fillings

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental offers safe removal of silver-mercury fillings

Over the past decade, debate has ensued regarding the use of silver-mercury fillings due to the possibility of long-term exposure and absorption. Silver-mercury fillings, also called dental amalgams or silver fillings, are made of 50 percent liquid mercury and 50 percent powdered metal alloy, such as silver, tin, and copper. The combination of materials is mixed to create a putty type filling that hardens inside the cavity and has a gray or silver appearance. At South Lakewood Dental, Dr. Scott Stewart and our compassionate team of dental professionals believe that no amount of mercury is a safe amount. Individuals are … Continue reading

Safe and effective mercury filling removal

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental explains about safe and effective mercury filling removal

Many patients are unaware that a previous dentist has put toxins into their mouth. Any patient who has had a cavity treated with a silver amalgam filling is subjecting their body to mercury. Silver amalgam fillings are approximately 50 percent mercury. We see many patients in our practice requesting mercury filling removal and replacement with a safer alternative known as composite resin bonding, or “tooth-colored fillings.” Is mercury toxic to the human body? Yes. Exposure to mercury vapor can have an effect on the body. Symptoms that patients have been exposed include a range of issues, which can make it … Continue reading

Choosing a mercury free dentist in Lakewood, CO

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental is the best mercury free dentist in lakewood, co

At South Lakewood Dental, our commitment to the long-term health of our patients means we take great caution in choosing materials we use in our dental services. Our holistic dentistry practice believes in the connection between the health of the body and mouth. That means that we are mercury free/ mercury safe and use only biocompatible materials. Why is mercury bad? Amalgam fillings, which have been a common standard of care for decades are made up of a mix of metals that can contain up to 50 percent mercury. If you’re an adult with fillings in your mouth, chances are … Continue reading

Finding a dentist in Lakewood who understands safe amalgam removal

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental understands safe amalgam removal.

Most people think amalgam fillings are made of a harmless “silver” compound. They actually contain only a small amount of silver and other metal alloys. The silvery color of these fillings comes from mercury – that slippery shimmer that rises inside a thermometer then the temperature goes up. Remember your mother telling you, “Don’t touch it!” if the thermometer broke? She was right. Mercury is a very toxic element to human physiology, linked to a variety of neurological and other health problems. How mercury ended up in the mouths of million of dental patients, and why it continues to be … Continue reading

Patients in Lakewood, CO wants to know more about mercury safe removal

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental explains about mercury safe removal

Every day dentists all over the globe grind out old “silver” fillings without regard to the toxins emitted from unstable mercury laden amalgam. In many cases, the tooth is repaired with a new amalgam filling that is just as harmful as the old one. Patients all over the country have come to realize that holistic dentistry offers a healthier alternative to oral care. What about those old fillings? Is mercury safe removal available in the Lakewood, CO area? Yes – in Dr. Scott Stewart’s gentle hands at South Lakewood Dental. The amalgam used in dental fillings is made up of … Continue reading

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