Lakewood patients benefit from non-invasive treatment with ozone therapy

Dr. Stewart South Lakewood Dental Providing Lakewood patients benefit from non-invasive treatment with ozone therapy

Ozone gas was discovered in the middle 1800s. Since then, researchers have recognized the many healing effects of ozone. For over a century, ozone therapy has been analyzed, tested and used effectively as a disinfectant and treatment for various diseases. It has been shown to kill bacteria, yeast and fungi, while stimulating the immune system and healing wounds. Ozone gas often disinfects public water sources and sterilizes bottled water, fruits and vegetables.

In medical applications, ozone gas is taken from medical-grade oxygen. Ozone therapy has been effective in treating geriatric ailments, viral diseases, SARS, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, circulatory problems, wound infections, macular degeneration and AIDS. It can also improve blood cholesterol and serve as an antioxidant.

Ozone therapy in the dental field has become widely popular, with hundreds of dental practices offering it as the most minimally invasive method of preventing or treating cavities, tooth sensitivity, root canal, pain management and periodontal conditions.

South Lakewood Dental and Dr. Scott Stewart are committed to providing the latest technologies and most effective techniques, with an emphasis on minimally invasive care, for our patients’ optimal oral health. We believe in finding and presenting pain-free alternatives to conventional dental care.

In the past, the only way to treat cavities was with the uncomfortable process of drilling out the decay and filling the cavity. Ozone therapy treats cavities with more accuracy and without pain for the patient. Used in conjunction with DIAGNOdent, we can identify cavities before they are visible to the eye, and then treat or even reverse them.

DIAGNOdent laser technology scans the enamel of the teeth and finds signs of early decay. Because cavities are actually bacterial infections that, when combined with the acid produced by food particles, eat away at the tooth structure, ozone therapy kills the bacteria and begins a regeneration process with the enamel.

Ozone therapy reduces the need for antibiotics or other medications while encouraging blood flow and stimulating the healing process, without worry about drug interactions, allergies or pharmaceutical side effects.

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