Patients in Lakewood, CO wants to know more about mercury safe removal

Every day dentists all over the globe grind out old “silver” fillings without regard to the toxins emitted from unstable mercury laden amalgam. In many cases, the tooth is repaired with a new amalgam filling that is just as harmful as the old one. Patients all over the country have come to realize that holistic dentistry offers a healthier alternative to oral care. What about those old fillings? Is mercury safe removal available in the Lakewood, CO area? Yes – in Dr. Scott Stewart’s gentle hands at South Lakewood Dental.

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental explains about mercury safe removal

The amalgam used in dental fillings is made up of about 50 percent mercury, one of the most toxic elements on earth. Friction causes amalgam to emit mercury vapor. Friction occurs every time you chew on an amalgam filling or brush your teeth, but it is dramatically accelerated by grinding and drilling which also release mercury particles.

South Lakewood Dental is committed to providing biological dentistry, using the healthiest materials and protocols available to protect you, our staff, and the environment. As a mercury free practice we refuse to place amalgam fillings. Strong, durable composite resin materials are safer and more attractive.

We are also a mercury safe practice. Because amalgam isn’t biomimetic, it expands and contracts differently from your natural tooth structure. Eventually this results in cracked fillings or a broken teeth that require further restoration. Some patients simply want to eliminate the risk or unsightliness of amalgam fillings. The South Lakewood Dental team has special training to remove them safely with these basic steps:

  • Pre-rinse. Rinsing before the procedure with ozone-infused water creates a mercury barrier for oral tissues.
  • Protection. Clothing, eyes, and skin are shielded with disposable drapes, rubber dam, and eye protection.
  • No grinding. Using special instruments, we slice across the amalgam filling to dislodge it in large chunks. A constant water spray maintains a lower temperature to reduce vapor release.
  • Suction. We use high volume evacuation equipment throughout the filling removal procedure, to take away most of the vapor and amalgam particles before they can be inhaled or touch soft tissues. Supplemental oxygen maintains air quality in the treatment room, as well.
  • Separate. The vacuum pump discharges contaminates into a separator system, which removes amalgam and dissolved mercury from the water before it is released into public wastewater.

Are the precautions taken by Dr. Stewart during removal of mercury fillings excessive? We don’t think so. We believe your smile and your health are worth it! If you agree, call us today at (855) 233-0023 to become a patient of South Lakewood Dental.


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Dr. Scott Stewart - South Lakewood Dental

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Dr. Scott Stewart is a practitioner of dentistry for over 25 years and has acquired much expertise over the years. Along with his talent, Dr. Stewart appreciates the multitude of contributions made to the field of dentistry via novel and progressive technology.

Whilst being passionate about his service to the community, Dr. Stewart is a revolutionary in his approach to tackling dental health care issues. He is a firm believer in the harmonious balance of the body as opposed to treating symptoms. He emphasizes on the holistic practice of wellbeing and addressing underlying issues to make the “whole person” healthier.