The many benefits and value of natural-looking Fountain of Youth® dentures in Lakewood, CO

When searching for natural-looking dentures in Lakewood CO, Dr. Scott Stewart knows that cost is a concern. As with other types of dentures and products, the cost of Fountain of Youth® dentures expertly designed by the South Lakewood Dental team, depend at least partly on local market factors; however, it’s important to note that these dentures are billed the same way as conventional dentures. So, that means the outstanding costs may be at least partially covered by your dental insurance plan. Additionally, Dr. Stewart’s team is glad to discuss CareCredit with you. This type of health care financing transforms your out-of-pocket balance into manageable monthly payments. Depending on your terms, dentures may be financed at 0% interest – so, you keep more money in your pocket. There are no surprises – hidden or upfront fees.

The Many Benefits and Value of Natural-looking Fountain of Youth® Dentures at South Lakewood Dental in Lakewood, Co Area

As with all life-enhancing investments, it is important to consider more than cost.

As a variation on traditional dentures, Fountain of Youth® dentures patients enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Fantastic fit – Designed to minimize bone resorption, you also avoid the costs of relining and rebasing “economy” dentures that tend to promote devastating bone loss.
  • Optimal health – The poor fit associated with economy dentures leads to several unwanted complications. Chewing is uncomfortable. You may eat less or avoid crunchy nutritious foods, which leads to poor diet. Nutritional deficiencies are further associated with conditions such as osteoporosis, muscle weakness, and even heart, respiratory, and cognitive problems.
  • Ultimate satisfaction – Patients love the natural appearance of Fountain of Youth® dentures. They also love how these advanced dentures take years off of the appearance of their faces! Dentures that account for neuromuscular principles accommodate all of the tissues that make up your mouth and, in turn, have the added cosmetic benefit of addressing signs of aging, such as jowls, turkey neck, and perioral and nasolabial folds around the lips, nose and mouth.

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Cosmetic procedures provide a temporary fix and can be quite costly, especially when ongoing injections and “maintenance” are required. Plastic surgery is costly and quite invasive. Plus, surgical procedures such as facelifts cannot be reversed. Fountain of Youth® dentures provide a noninvasive approach to restoring youthful facial contours, while also providing many functional and quality of life-oriented benefits. We have seen our Fountain of Youth® dentures-wearers walk so much taller. We look forward to transforming your confidence along with satisfaction in the foods that you love, and in the reflection that you see staring back at you when you look in the mirror.

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