How Lakewood, CO area patients can incorporate ozone therapy into their dental treatment

Dr. Scott Stewart is one of the few dental practices in the Lakewood, CO area who offers ways to incorporate biological dentistry into everything he does. One of the most distinct options available in his practice is ozone therapy, also referred to as energized oxygen therapy. Ozone therapy uses energized oxygen to help facilitate healing and address bacteria. This is not readily available at typical dental practices in the Lakewood, Colorado area, so, many patients find this to be a new option they are not familiar with.

Dr. Stewart South Lakewood Dental Providing CO area patients can incorporate ozone therapy into their dental treatment

Ozone therapy (or oxygen therapy) is done to facilitate faster healing and reduce pain. This “energized oxygen” is used to eliminate fungus, viruses, and bacteria. It can treat infection and help with dental disease, pain, and trauma. It may be available in many different forms including liquid, solid, and gas, and can help address pathogens while increasing the blood flow, accelerating healing, and stimulating the immune system for a better, healthier solution to traditional methods.

Dr. Scott Stewart can use ozone therapy with many different dental treatments in his option to help with controlling pain and avoiding the use of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, which come with side effects and may not work well with other current medications patients may already be one for other health issues. He may suggest ozone therapy with many dental treatments that require a healing process or are associated with pain and discomfort.

Ozone therapy is relatively new, but studies continue to show how it can improve healing and reduce discomfort for many different treatments. Patients can avoid side effects and other problems associated with typical medications used in dental services by considering ozone therapy instead.

Individuals in the Lakewood, CO area interested in visiting a holistic dental practice offering state-of-the-art solutions such as ozone therapy are welcome to contact Dr. Scott Stewart of South Lakewood Dental today. We recommend patients learn about it and determine if they are interested in incorporating into their next dental visit.

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