Lakewood dentist explains how ozone is used in treatments

When hearing the word “ozone” many people may think of the ozone layer in the atmosphere and the effect of pollution. Ozone is a natural-occurring gas that protects us from damaging sunlight and it is commonly used worldwide to sterilize public water sources, fruits, vegetables, bottled water and soft drinks. An energized form of oxygen, ozone also kills bacteria, fungus and viruses. It has been safely used in medicine for nearly a century and is highly effective at promoting and accelerating wound healing.

Dr. Stewart South Lakewood Dental Providing Lakewood dentist explains how ozone is used in treatments

Leading medical and dental researchers and scientists determined that ozone could also be used in advanced dentistry applications such as delivering oxygen beneath the tooth’s surface to destroy the bacteria that cause decay. Ozone therapy can stop the development of a cavity and repair the tooth.

At South Lakewood Dental, serving patients from Lakewood, Wheat Ridge and surrounding Colorado communities, Dr. Scott Stewart is a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) and certified naturopathic dentist who provides a complete range of holistic, laser, surgical, restorative, cosmetic, sedation and family dentistry, including prevention and treatment for gum disease and ozone therapy. Dr. Stewart believes that minimally invasive treatment and the protection and preservation of healthy tissues leads to optimal clinical outcomes.

Our professional dental team has been using ozone therapy for many procedures, including treatment of periodontal disease and infection, removing decay, and pain management. With ozone therapy, we rely less on pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, without the risk of side effects or adverse reactions. As a gas, liquid, or gel, ozone can enhance the immune system.

As a holistic and biological dentist, Dr. Stewart is committed to using only the safest, biocompatible materials and treatments for our patients’ ultimate oral and physical health. Emphasizing whole body care, he understands that oral health affects a person’s total systemic health and vice versa. There are many intricately connected ties among dental concerns such as gum disease, and chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and stroke.

For more information about how ozone therapy can be effectively used in dental procedures, or to learn more about our friendly, professional dental team call us today at (855) 233-0023 or visit us at 2525 S. Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Dr. Scott Stewart is a practitioner of dentistry for over 25 years and has acquired much expertise over the years. Along with his talent, Dr. Stewart appreciates the multitude of contributions made to the field of dentistry via novel and progressive technology.

Whilst being passionate about his service to the community, Dr. Stewart is a revolutionary in his approach to tackling dental health care issues. He is a firm believer in the harmonious balance of the body as opposed to treating symptoms. He emphasizes on the holistic practice of wellbeing and addressing underlying issues to make the “whole person” healthier.