Restorative care from a holistic dentist in Lakewood, Colorado goes above and beyond

Preserving healthy tooth structure

Dentistry has historically placed the greatest amount of attention on the mouth. After all, you see your dentist to prevent or treat oral conditions. At South Lakewood Dental, the holistic approach goes a step further than looking at the mouth and its structures; it also looks at how oral conditions and restorative care will affect patients’ wellness. In our Lakewood, CO office, we treat the person, not just the dental symptoms. In this way, we are able to help each patient enjoy greater health and confidence.

What you can expect from restorative care

Comprehensive care

There is much more to restoring a tooth or a smile than performing a particular service. We consider not only the symptoms and urgency of the problem, but also the materials and methods that may be useful in achieving the best possible outcome. The general sense of wellness and comfort that will result from care is what we look at first and foremost. Materials play an integral role in this, creating the durability and esthetic value you deserve.

Seeing the big picture

Quick fixes are not a part of our practice. We believe in discovering why the problem occurred, and how we can minimize the risk in the future. Sometimes, oral conditions are secondary to health problems, and sometimes, it is the other way around. Consideration of the oral systemic connection leads us to the highest standard of care. It also leads our patients to long-term health and wellness.

Biocompatibility and biomimetic

It is common for general restorative dental care to involve some type of metal. Numerous studies have demonstrated the ill-effects materials such as mercury, copper, and nickel can have on a person’s health. The restorations and methods that are used in our office are selected to restore natural structure with materials that will not cause adverse effects.

Restorative dental care doesn’t just give you back a healthy-looking smile; it can actually improve your general health and well-being. At South Lakewood Dental, we perform general, restorative, and cosmetic services with this goal in mind. To schedule your visit with us, call (855) 233-0023.

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