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Your natural teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but things happen. Trauma, decay, and other factors can lead to the need for restorative dentistry. In traditional dentistry, patients who have a cavity or broken tooth often get regular fillings or dental crowns. The problem with these restorations is that they weaken the natural tooth and can compromise the life of the tooth.

Biomimetic dentistry focuses on preserving long term strength and functionality of the tooth even in the face of restoration.

What is biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry delivers solutions that closely match the natural tooth structure. When a tooth suffers decay or trauma, a biomimetic dentist focuses on preserving as much of the tooth’s natural material as possible. Biomimetic restorations mimic the natural form and function of the tooth, to ensure that the tooth is strong and safe from infection after the procedure.

Preserving your natural tooth structure

Your tooth is made up of multiple layers and has an inherent flexibility. With traditional dental crowns, several of these integral layers are removed prior to placement of the restoration. When the prepared tooth is completed with a rigid porcelain crown, the tooth loses natural flexibility. Eventually this can lead to breakage of the tooth.

The benefits of biomimetic dentistry include:

  • Strong – biomimetic restorations are durable and long lasting.
  • Beautiful – biomimetic restorations are tooth colored to naturally blend in.
  • Conservative – biomimetic restorations avoid removing too much structure to protect the nerves and the strength of the tooth.
  • Minimally invasive – biomimetic solutions do not require deep drilling.

Dr. Stewart and the team at South Lakewood Dental are committed to providing biomimetic dental restorations to patients. To learn more about the advantages of biomimetic dentistry and the other natural tooth solutions we offer, please call us today at (855) 233-0023 and schedule an appointment.

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