Lakewood patients benefit from smile transformation

Lakewood patients benefit from smile transformation

The professional dentistry team at South Lakewood Dental understands the importance of having a beautiful and healthy smile. Conditions such as tooth loss, damage or decay often make a patient feel self-conscious about sharing his or her smile with others.

We offer a complete range of advanced dental care, including biological, holistic, sedation, laser, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Dr. Scott Stewart is an accomplished and experienced doctor of dental surgery who enjoys helping patients to achieve a full smile transformation.

A smile transformation treatment may include one or several restorative dental services, such as:


As an alternative to dental crowns, also called caps, biomimetic restoration rebuilds a damaged tooth rather than destroying and then covering it. With traditional crowns, the decay or damage is removed from the tooth but much of the remaining, healthy tooth structure is filed down to allow the crown to fit. Crowns are inflexible coverings that do not expand or contract like the natural tooth. This rigidity may cause gaps around the crown, allowing bacteria to gain access to the vulnerable tooth beneath.

With biomimetic treatment, natural-looking, flexible material is used to reconstruct the tooth. Only the damaged portion of the tooth is removed. Once treated, typically done in one convenient office visit, the tooth maintains its original characteristics, allowing it to absorb pressure, and the majority of healthy structure is preserved.

Dental implants

For many patients, dental implants are the recommended treatment for tooth loss. Implants replace the entire root of the tooth as well as the visible portion. Traditional implants are made of titanium; however, we are also pleased to offer zirconium, non-metal implants. Zirconium, like titanium, fuses naturally and securely with the jawbone for the greatest stability. When the new, artificial root is in place, the bone is strengthened and surrounding teeth are protected from shifting or potentially loosening and falling out.

At times, a patient may not have enough healthy bone to support a dental implant. In those instances, mini dental implants may serve as anchors to secure a denture.


Our dentures are no longer “one size fits all.” We offer options to our patients, including Geneva AutoCentric dentures, which resolve common complaints such as slipping, discomfort and restricted ability to eat comfortably. Fountain of Youth dentures; include features that reverse the sunken appearance that may occur with traditional dentures or from tooth loss. These dentures restore facial fullness and leave a patient looking younger.

Call us today to discuss the many options available for smile transformation. Appointments and consultations may be requested with our online software or by calling (855) 233-0023.

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