Lakewood area patients ask, why use dentures?

Dr. Stewart South Lakewood Dental Describing Why Use Denture

Patients are often worried about the way their smile looks, especially after they have experienced the loss of natural adult teeth. When tooth loss occurs, patients in the Lakewood area are encouraged to contact Dr. Scott Stewart of South Lakewood Dental to learn about restorative methods. For many patients who are seeking a fast, affordable way of repairing the smile, dentures are often suggested.

Why use dentures? Dentures are a common tooth replacement option, both for one or more teeth within the dental arch or to restore the entire smile. Full dentures are meant to replace an entire dental arch, while partials are used for one or more teeth. Both are effective methods of repairing the smile after trauma, extraction, or disease have affected the smile.

Dentures have a number of benefits which also makes them a good choice for tooth restoration. Dentures are economical, easy to take care of, removable, and easily readjusted as the mouth changes. Many patients prefer to use dentures over more permanent, bonded restorations such as bridges and dental implants because they are easily removed which makes for simple cleaning and care. If they break, they can also be easily replaced.

Dr. Scott Stewart of South Lakewood Dental is a quality, holistic dentist who works with patients to help them decide which restorative options are best for their specific needs and desires, as well as their budget. His practice also works closely with dental insurance companies to help patients in getting the best reimbursement for their dental care to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses for dental work they need to achieve and maintain a healthy, full-functional smile.

If you live in the Lakewood community or surrounding areas and are interested in working with a biocompatible dentist, now is the time to speak with Dr. Scott Stewart. His practice provides patients with some of the most effective and healthy ways of achieving better dental health and wellness. Contact South Lakewood Dental today to book a consultation visit and speak with a dental professional today about your oral health care needs.

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