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"Holistic dentistry - everyone needs to try this! Dr. Stewart gave me the most thorough and unique intake appointment. He takes a scrape of your plaque and you look at it under the microscope on a monitor. You can see the complete health and condition of the micro-biome in your mouth. From beneficial organisms to pathogenic invaders, this helps the Doc to determine how you can take care of your mouth to create HEALTH and BALANCE instead of just trying to kill everything with mouthwash and fluoride which is also very acidic... and we all know that disease thrives in acidity - that's not balance. He also did the most complete exam with pictures that he also shows you and reviews so you can see everything that he is talking about and really understand what needs to be fixed. Amazing approach to dentistry. Don't stay in the stone age with a dentist who doesn't understand the holistic approach to your body, this is the future of medicine and dentistry."
~ Anonymous
"We travel from Alaska to Colorado to see family and found Dr. Scott Stewart as a Holistic dentist. We have received some extensive dental work and cleanings by him and his staff. His approach of educating us first about the importance of the mouth and dental health for the whole body wellness was appreciated and valuable. His work on our dental needs was painless and skilled. After 5 hours in "the chair" I expected to feel poorly for the rest of the day as I had experienced with other dentists. I felt great! I had no repercussions whatsoever, and feel very pleased with the outcomes. I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and his office. "
~ Annette P.
"Becky was a great introduction, Maureen talked me through the X-rays with panache, Missy’s cleaning was superb! Dr. Scott is a great role model for what a dentist should be! Thank you all! "
~ Shirley.
"I love Missy! Confident, comfortable genuine! Maureen was warm and easy to be with. Dr. Stewart was amazing: knowledgeable, confident, didn’t over sell me. It was awesome! I have found my dentist! "
~ Beth.
"The entire crew of Dr. Stewart’s office is amazing! Everyone is so down to earth but still very professional. As someone with extreme chemical sensitivity, Dr. Stewart and his team have been excellent to work with. They’ve gone above and beyond. I truly appreciate and value their holistic mindset to treating the whole person. Finding a dentist to properly remove amalgams was a very big deal to me. I’m very thankful for all they do! "
~ Anonymous.
"The whole staff was wonderful. Dr. Stewart isn’t your typical dentist and explains to you as a lay person your options for goals discussed "
~ Dan.
"I love Missy… she’s the hygienist for Dr. Stewart. Very thorough! "
~ Janie.
"Dr. Stewart and his office are first class and he has a holistic approach to dentistry. I came to see him for a 2nd opinion after being told I needed 4 silver fillings removed and crowns put in their place. I had one crown done before seeing Dr. Stewart. He told me he could do an alternative to a crown and not have to cut the top of my tooth off and replace it with an appliance. as the first one was done. 2 years later I am very happy with the work he did and very regretful I had the original crown done. It still gives me discomfort. He also saved me a lot of money AND removed the mercury fillings, which takes some expertise in itself. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an alternative to traditional dentistry."
~ Michael S.
"I cannot thank you enough for finding room on the schedule to see me on short notice AND for discovering and identifying the problem with the tooth AND for having a plan. Such a relief to encounter competence/ excellence and an amazing office environment."
~ Tracy
"Great staff, Great doc. For natural dentistry, this is the office to go to. I've had other experiences that were good, but Dr. Stewart and his staff made the experience great. The pricing is reasonable considering that they practice biologic dentistry. I have found my new home for my family's teeth."
~ Coralyn Wall
"It was purely luck that I found Dr. Stewart when we moved to Colorado, and if we ever leave the state we will have to come back just to have our twice yearly checkups. That is how much I think of him.

My daughter has a TON of cavities. All of her previous dentists accused me of feeding her too much sugar and not making sure her teeth were brushed regularly. Nothing could have been further from the truth. If fact, it was Dr. Stewart that showed us that her mouth had a VERY HIGH acidity level. With careful use of a SLS-free toothpaste and acid reducing mouthwash, she hasn't had a cavity in 4+ years! Personally, I am delighted that he was able to save my cracked tooth instead of destroying and crowning it.

In general, going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do. Dr. Stewart and his staff go out of their way to make you comfortable. They always make sure you know what options are open to you concerning any work that needs to be done"
~ Honest C
"I think this dental office is great. They have done a great and professional job on both of the visits I've had so far. I really like the fact that they take samples of your plaque and look at it under a microscope which you can see on an overhead TV monitor. They note and explain everything you see. They give helpful advice on how to improve the microbiome in your mouth and you can measure the improvements from one visit to the next. They explain what needs to be done in your mouth but don't pressure you like some doctors do. I will definitely be going back. Also, I used Delta Dental and didn't experience any issues with billing or pricing. Everything was straightforward and what you would expect at any dental office."
~ Laura F
"Scott Stewart @ South Lakewood Dental is hands down the best dentist I and my family have ever been to. He is up to date on the newest procedures and offers technology that I didn't even know existed like "crownless crowns" and the water laser for cavities which doesn't require anesthetic and is painless, yes, really.

I have recommended Dr. Stewart to anyone that needs a dentist and will..."
~ S. Ward
"Dr. Stewart and his staff treated me with such kindness and understanding. For many years I didn’t want to smile because of my misshapen teeth and I always thought they needed crowns to fix them. I was referred to Dr. Stewart and the result is amazing. I can’t stop smiling. It brought me to tears. I want everyone to know there is help to fix your teeth without having to destroy them by putting crowns on them. I love my new smile!"
~ Cindy
"Dear Dr. Stewart, I wanted to thank you so much for changing my world around. The compliments I receive are bountiful. Those who know I wear dentures are astounded by how natural they look. And those that don’t want to know what I do to have teeth like this. I still cannot believe how much easier the process was than I had imagined. The implants are most excellent. My teeth don’t shift or wiggle when I eat. And I can eat everything. Probably not a good thing! Even almonds and corn on the cob are on the list again. I would also like to thank Becky and Maureen for their friendly smiles and encouragement along the way. The atmosphere there is relaxed and fun. Who knew a dentist office could be like that?! I would encourage and recommend anyone wanting to go this route (implants) go to your office. It was truly amazing."
~ Jeanne C
"The entire group of people are wonderful. They always take the time to talk and listen. They are the most professional people that I have been a part of. They gave me something no one else had been able to, my smile! They gave me my smile back. I can go out to eat with my husband instead of always getting take-out. I smile a lot more now, they did that for me. I will never forget how wonderful this gift is. Love them!"
~ Linda B
"I’ve had this misfortune to have needed several major dental interventions over the last several years. Thanks to Dr. Stewart and staff, they have all been done with high levels of skill and care."
~ Robert S
"Dear Dr. Stewart, It’s a miracle! My teeth rest together in comfort. And as an added bonus, my lower jaw is held in place, no more floating around. Maybe those muscles will relearn where they belong. I am so grateful for your “thinking outside the box” and for all your caring."
~ Linda R
"Dr. Stewart, you are AMAZING! I had the best experience with a dentist in my life, and I have lived a long life. You were right, NO PAIN! I am sooo excited. I can’t wait to get the rest of my teeth fixed. You are the best. Love ya!"
~ Dee
"Dr. Stewart and staff are so kind. Your work is awesome! I love the Biomimetic teeth you made for me. I felt back to normal in just a few hours. I used to dread going the dentist. Not anymore!"
~ Connie M
"All was exceptional. However, I am baffled. I realize you use the technology to the max, but am amazed by how a staff of 4 the full range of services…I am so impressed! Thank you!"
~ Anynomous
"Throughout the complex of beautifying my teeth, you have been kind, wonderfully competent, determined, sensitive, and encouraging. And you have elicited excellent work from the talented model-maker, who did a surprisingly beautiful job, and from your office staff. I always look forward to seeing you; Maureen with her friendly, nurturing attitude and careful, intelligent work; Stephanie with her gentle, thorough explanations and precise workmanship; and Becky with her welcome, encouraging compliments. Thank you for increasing my confidence, both with your beautiful results which encourage me to smile, and with your therapeutic atmosphere."
~ Ms. Z
"Dr. Stewart, I just wanted to thank you for working me into your schedule around my Laughter Yoga conference schedule. Your staff was professional, efficient and very pleasant. I am so glad that my sister, Rita N., kept on promoting you. My lower right tooth is doing excellent and it is so nice to not have that chronic decay and smell and inflammation there. I am so amazed you were able to do extensive work with so little discomfort and no deadening shots. Excellent! The two things I dread with dental visits are the long process of regaining feeling and waiting for the effects of the anesthetic to work out of the body and then having poor long term results after spending a ton of money. The restoration of tooth 12 is great too. No pain. No indication at that you even worked there. What a treat to be the recipient of such competent and cutting edge dental procedures. Evidently the ozone worked. I want to clone you in Oklahoma City. I will be in touch with you and encouraging other dentists I know here in Oklahoma to go get the training from Dr. Alleman and Dr. Deliperi on biomimetic techniques. If you can send me a website that tells more about the ozone therapy I’d love to learn more about that too. Once again, a great big thank you smile and laugh to you and your staff."
~ Ellen M
"Dr. Stewart and Stephanie have worked hard for many years to keep my teeth and gums healthy. Having gone through extensive gum work…There were several teeth with exposed roots. Dr. Stewart called them “hatchet teeth”, which was true. I called them ugly. Well, now they look like regular perfect teeth and in one short hours time! These “fillings” are a miracle and so is the team at South Lakewood Dental."
~ Peggy B
"Love Doc and his excellent service! Everyone is very personable. They always keep me informed, return calls and reminders are always prompt. Very helpful with insurance billing."
~ Anynomous
"Dr. Stewart’s office is friendly, considerate and takes the time to explain the entire procedure. This latest procedure involving biomimetic restoration was fast, efficient and painless. I am totally satisfied. I’m a senior, and my early life experience with dentistry caused anxiety during my lifetime. Dr. Stewart relaxes me and over the years has allowed me to experience little discomfort and soothe my anxiety. I recommend his service."
~ Tom M
"The office staff was gracious, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Stewart did a fabulous job on my teeth and they don’t hurt me anymore! =) No root canals needed! The best technology of any dentist I have ever been to. How great my new teeth look and feel!"
~ Daniel D
"Thanks for taking great care of me. I appreciate the time you arranged for me and on short notice. I am more than impressed with all the new gadgets, for certain the self-contained suction… Sure takes the stress away from over swallowing, holding mouth open, etc.."
~ Carol G
"I can’t believe how easy and pretty pain-free the whole dental implant process was. I’ve had a lifetime of dental work, lots of cavities as a child, root canals as a young adult and my first bridge in my 20’s. I was always terrified of dental implants because I have such a total dental phobia but I was just shocked at how easy the process was and how Dr. Stewart was… I tell friends and family now that the implant process was way better than going through a root canal or crown. It’s been 3 years and I’ve had no problems and completely forget I ever have the implant. I’d say to anyone who is scared, “don’t be!!"
~ Krystie M
"Several years ago, to save a few bucks, I tried a well known dental company (with a very misleading name because I never been more Uncomfortable) and I felt like my mouth was hosting a boxing match. It really put into perspective how fantastic your practice and your staff are. When I visit Dr. Stewart’s office, I am aware I’m paying a few bucks more, but it’s all too clear I’m getting my money’s worth."
~ Returning Patient
"I was very comfortable about the visit. Becky was helpful, cheerful and made me feel at home, as did Scott. I like how Dr. Stewart introduced himself as Scott. I think that tears down the artificial social delineations that cause problems in our professional and personal lives. Scott was open, honest and connected to my questions, concerns and conversation. I could tell he was truly concerned with my getting accurate information regarding my questions and recommended several websites to visit… Many good wishes to you all and congratulations on a very organic, honest, and engaging business."
~ Jyllian J
"I trust Dr. Stewart and his staff will give me the personal attention I want."
~ Marilyn Johnstone, Arvada, CO
"I can't say enough about the 'extensive' dentistry Dr. Stewart performed for me! Dr. Stewart was able to make the procedures I needed affordable for me and I was able to go forward and get my mouth and smile restored for my lifetime."
~ Tim Miller, Photographer, Lakewood, CO
"I feel Dr. Stewart recommends the best treatment in my best interests, tailored to my individual goals -- a practice unheard of with some other dentists."
~ Laura Bowker, Lakewood, CO
"Being in a hurry, cold and emotionless, as well as rough to the touch, is in the past. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. We are very happy we found Dr. Stewart's office."
~ Edward Grigorio, Denver, CO
"I am able to taste food better and chew properly for the first time in too many years. My denture fits so well without slippage that I no longer need adhesives to avoid embarrassment. And I have no sore spots!"
~ Edmund Hoppe, Lakewood, CO
"Dr. Stewart is more than just a dentist -- he's an artist and your teeth are his canvas. He changed my smile from a gap-toothed grin to a Hollywood Smile!"
~ Robert Kiser, Lakewood, CO
"High-tech technology is constantly incorporated at all levels of care."
~ Marilyn Johnstone, Arvada, CO
"Dr. Stewart's new crownless procedure is fantastic! Absolutely no pain and finished in one day. It's great not to have to come back to finish the work. My teeth look fabulous and you can't even tell they had work done on them."
~ Emily Conde, Morrison, CO
"Laser dentistry is awesome! No pain! No Numbness! Wow! I love my dentist even more now! I am amazed this is available!"
~ Patty Shaw, Lakewood, CO
"I've experienced several dental offices throughout the Metro area and Dr. Stewart and his staff stand above any other dental care professionals out there."
~ Sherri Car, Arvada, CO
"In comparison to other dental offices I've been to, Dr. Stewart and his staff are far superior.."
~ Jennifer Duncan, Aurora, CO
"When I asked Dr. Stewart if what I wanted was possible, I was surprised when he told me he could do it. I could never have imagined that I could have what I have now."
~ Tom Trujillo, Denver, CO
"I've learned more about my health and teeth from Dr. Stewart and his team that I'm better able to manage my own dental health at home now. I'm also keeping more health-cost dollars in my pocket. I'm proof that a healthy mouth keeps my dental expenses absolutely minimal."
~ Carla Zapata, Denver, CO
"Dr. Stewart completed one particular treatment that I was somewhat fearful of because I had heard stories about it. I didn't even feel a thing!"
~ Dorothy Lober, Lakewood, CO
"Not only have you given me my dental health back and the ability to enjoy worry free dining, you've also improved my self-confidence."
~ Carol Coleman, Denver, CO
"With the implant Dr. Stewart restored to replace a loose crown, I was able to save adjacent teeth which would have been destroyed for a bridge. The procedure was worth it and the implant looks like my natural tooth. Now I can smile again with confidence!"
~ Lynn Harrington, Westminster, CO
"I recently decided to have Dr. Stewart fix my crooked front teeth -- without braces -- which have been a self-image problem all my life. The results of his work is AMAZING! I'm no longer self conscious about my front teeth and, in fact, find myself smiling more than ever."
~ Ron Templeman, Lakewood, CO
"I am extremely pleased with the results of my fabulous new smile makeover. Family, friends and co-workers all noticed the difference right away. It's really nice to have a conversation with someone and not wonder if they are staring at my discolored teeth. I'm learning to smile for the first time and it's great!"
~ Michael Patrick, Denver, CO
"With the porcelain veneers Dr. Stewart placed for me, my smile is perfect and I never cover it up anymore. I would recommend Dr. Stewart to any family members or friends, as his cosmetic work is exceptional."
~ Lori Hladik, Lakewood, CO
"The crownless procedure performed by Dr. Stewart and staff is wonderful. It's one-stop shopping! No more temporaries falling off, plus you end up with a brand new tooth. I have been very pleased with the results. Dr. Stewart is like an artist, a sculptor. I chew better now than ever!"
~ William (Bill) L. Fisher, Northglenn, CO
"Compared to the drill, the laser was absolutely nothing. Even without being numb, I didn't feel pain. The whole experience was much like having your teeth cleaned. This is truly a great thing!"
~ Andrew Paul, Lakewood, CO
"For my personal health care, I look for someone who demonstrates competency, high ethical standards and trustworthiness. In my years with Dr. Stewart, he has proven himself worthy of all of these qualities. His staff is caring and professional and I have total confidence in them."
~ Mary Lou Duvall, Lakewood, CO
"Dr. Stewart has a good sense of humor that removes tension and has an exceptional staff that gives their patients their full attention. I rate Dr. Stewart and his staff GREAT for their quality and value of service, comfort and my overall satisfaction."
~ Kathy Kreussel, Wheatridge, CO
"Dr. Stewart is the most skilled dentist I've ever gone to. He's everything you want in a dentist: patient, methodical, skilled, available and informative"
~ Kevin Burns, Lakewood, CO
"I have been working in the dental field for more than 20 years and I am familiar with 80 to 100 of the best dentists in Colorado. Dr. Stewart is at the top of the list for quality and excellence."
~ Susan McCarthy, Universal Dental Arts, Denver, CO

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