Using bioclear treatment to address black triangles in the front of the smile

At South Lakewood Dental, our professionals serving the Lakewood, Colorado, community are excited to provide minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients ready to enhance their smiles. While composite resin and porcelain veneers are common ways to address imperfections of the smile, there is another option added to the list: Bioclear treatment. Bioclear is an aesthetic treatment designed to help disguise the black triangle that can develop between the front teeth.

What is Bioclear treatment, and how does it work?

Bioclear® Technology uses a combination of minimally-invasive dentistry, injection molding technique and specially designed matrix forms to solve a variety of dental issues. We utilize this to enhance the esthetics or to repair teeth Call it a “Wrap”. With this technology we can better resolve most smile flaws caused by age, gum surgery, orthodontics and cavities. Below are examples of issues we can provide solutions, often in a single appointment.

● Chipped teeth
● Damage from decay
● Stained or discolored teeth
● Gaps or “black triangles” between teeth
● Uneven or “too small” teeth

With Bioclear®, Instead of putting fillings into teeth, we “wrap” the tooth for stronger and longer lasting results (think…shrink-wrap). A custom fitted mylar matrix, which is an ultra thin plastic ‘tooth form’ shell, is used to mold a specialized dental composite that is wrapped around the tooth to restore broken teeth, and cavities, or used to fill unwanted spaces and form a fully functional, beautiful smile. The resultant “wrap” restoration is then polished to a high protectant-like shine.

What can I expect from the Bioclear treatment process?

The process of Bioclear treatment begins with a thorough examination of both your teeth and gums by Dr. Scott Stewart and his team to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Then, using specialized tools and techniques, he will carefully place a matrix onto the teeth and then shape and mold composite resin to fill the gap and create a seamless appearance. Your beautiful smile is then complete!

What are the benefits of choosing Bioclear treatment?

There are many advantages to choosing Bioclear treatment over other cosmetic dentistry options. Bioclear is:

Done in one visit:  no more messy temporaries that come loose at the most inconvenient times
Conserves enamel: more natural tooth left untouched
Preserves long-term health: No damage done via the “wrap” system. The long term health and survival of your teeth are protected.
Easy to modify if needed:  an easy fix no matter what the situation.
Stain resistant: This is a big improvement. But realize some foods/drinks will stain no matter what.  Even natural teeth. (think heavy coffee/tea drinkers)
More affordable: Bioclear® offers more quality solutions at less cost typically than conventional compatible’s.
Beautiful results: Bioclear® has been proven to deliver beautiful, consistent results. We can now restore your smile without veneers or crowns so you can enjoy a more confident smile and preserve your natural teeth. No other system can achieve the results Bioclear offers. Choices are wonderful!

When you attend your consultation with Dr. Scott Stewart, he will evaluate you and talk to you about your options for addressing black triangles and other imperfections in the smile.

How is Bioclear different from traditional dentistry?

Unlike traditional dental bonding, veneers or crowns, Bioclear® does not leave ledges that can cause staining or cavities when plaque catch on them, and it does not require tooth structure to be ground down so veneers and crowns have room to be added to the tooth. The use of specialized dental composites eliminates the need for laboratory fabricated porcelain products, so it is also less expensive and can be easily repaired if necessary.

Are you ready to take care of your “black triangle” with minimally invasive dentistry?

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How durable is Bioclear?

Bioclear® is an “additive” technique. This means it strengthens and supports your natural teeth without needing to remove any original tooth structure. Conventional dental “bonding” is typically applied in layers which can create small holes or gaps in the restoration. This can result in the weakening of the restoration and rough edges. Bioclear® is applied in one “overlay-wrap” that makes these restorations very strong and we trust, longer lasting.

Find out how Bioclear can enhance your dental health and more!

If you are seeking a dentist “near me” in the Lakewood, Colorado area who offers Bioclear cosmetic dentistry, we invite you to request an appointment with South Lakewood Dental to find out if you are a candidate.

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