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"Dear Dr. Stewart, It's a miracle! My teeth rest together in comfort. And as an added bonus, my lower jaw is held in place, no more floating around. Maybe those muscles will relearn where they belong. I am so grateful for your "thinking outside the box" and for all your caring."
Sedation Dentistry Lakewood CO Photo Fear - one little word that carries a big “wallop”! In some ways, fear is a good thing – we learn as children to “fear” things that cause us pain and injury. This is a part of understanding how to protect ourselves. But there is another kind of fear that comes with trauma, severe pain, and experiences beyond our control. This is the kind of fear many people have about going to see a dentist. No matter how many years since the “incident”, the fear is very real and is immediate if they find themselves in a similar situation. This is not the kind of fear a person can turn on and off. It is psychological and physiological – mind and body. It greatly magnifies perceptions and reactions and can be overwhelming to the point that a person will not seek the health care they may need.

Sedation is a relatively new concept for dentists. Until recently, local anesthetic has been the main “pain control” for dentistry. Local anesthetic can control pain, but it does nothing for the mind and in itself can produce anxiety for many. The advantage of sedation is that it helps to manage the psychological stresses that come with fear allowing better control of the associated physiological reactions. Sedation is safely used on many levels – from “light sedation” to “being totally asleep” - and can be customized for anyone depending on their level of anxiety and the complexity of their treatment.

The benefits of sedation – relaxation, sensory modification – can be utilized for a variety of situations. Extreme sensitivity, extreme anxiety, no-tolerance gag reflex, noise of dental equipment, fear of pain, fear of anesthesia (shots), nervousness, excessive salivation, dislike of dental procedures, etc. In addition, many people comment that they remember very little about their procedure, even with “light sedation”!

Sedation does require some pre-planning. Your overall health, your treatment plan, your level of anxiety – all are considered when planning sedation. It is mandatory that someone be with you to drive you to and from your appointment as you will not be able to drive. We also highly recommend you have someone stay with you that day until the sedative has worn off. Dr. Stewart also utilizes nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and AlphaStim™ (electronic sensory modification) which don’t require a designated driver or medication and can be very effective in controlling apprehension and anxiety.

If you have experienced fear related to dental treatment, we invite you to come in and talk with Dr. Stewart. We have experience in working with people who cannot move forward with dentistry because of fear related issues. With good communication, careful planning and “TLC” we have seen patients break through this barrier and move on with the dental care they want for themselves. We do understand this is a “big issue” and we are here to help!

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