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"Holistic" – Relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts. - Webster's Dictionary

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The human mouth is not separate from the body. It is an integral component, part of the "whole" and therefore should not be treated separately but rather with the goal of total body health.

Numerous studies have found amalgam (50% mercury) to be a substantial source of exposure to mercury vapor. Ongoing studies are in progress to better understand the long term impact on the human body, but there is a definite widespread concern regarding this toxic element. With the amazing, high quality, durable, non-mercury / metal materials available to dentists today, the question is why anyone would choose amalgam containing mercury! Practicing dentistry without the use of mercury is safer for you, your family and for future generations.


The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) has suggested a possible connection between certain diseases and amalgam. Research also has found a possible link to kidney problems. Pregnant and/or nursing women and small children are cautioned to avoid amalgam.

Holistic Dentistry Lakewood CO Photo
The use of amalgam (silver-mercury fillings) in the United States began in 1830. For over a century, the majority of the population has been living with mercury in their mouths with little understanding of potential consequences.
Dr. Stewart believes in minimizing exposure to potentially toxic materials. Our office has used only non-amalgam products for restoring teeth for over a decade.

Improper removal of amalgam (silver-mercury fillings) can release harmful mercury vapor exposing the dentist, staff, patient and environment. Mouth sores, chronic illness and death can occur with mercury toxicity. The potential for an allergy to the other elements in amalgam is high – silver, tin, and copper are typically incorporated into these fillings. Mercury that is not disposed of properly can poison the water and contaminate the environment. Our office takes very specific measures and uses the proper equipment for safe removal and handling of this toxic element.

We offer Biological Microscopic Periodontal-Plaque Scanning and 'Natural' Non-Surgical Antimicrobial Periodontal Solutions.

Professional dental cleanings used to be about just keeping the mouth "clean". Now it's all about "biocompatibility" or keeping the good oral microorganisms healthy and eliminating the pathogenic (disease causing) microorganisms. Because the mouth will never be sterile ( it's full of germs!), the new paradigm is all about controlling the number and kinds of organisms to achieve a healthy balance. There are about 650 different species of oral bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Most are harmless, but about a dozen (pathogens) cause infection we know as cavities and gum (periodontal) disease. Current research clearly relates oral infections with systemic health. During certain stages of Periodontal disease, pathogens from the gums may access our bloodstream, traveling to the brain and other organs such as the heart. These microbes likely increase the risk of systemic diseases including: Cardiovascular diseases, stroke, oral cancer, diabetes, pre-term birth, rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, Alzheimer's, ALS, MS... to name a few. The Surgeon General has named periodontal disease "the Silent Epidemic".
We utilize the Biological Microscopic Periodontal-scan to detect and visualize these pathogenic microorganisms (big screen TV), then determine the best 'root of the problem' treatment to eliminate them. The Microscopic scan can be used to monitor your progress as well. We utilize "natural" products as our safe and healthy solutions first and foremost, whenever possible. **Biological scanning is not only for those with diagnosed periodontal disease. Periodontal disease must go through 'development' stages before it can be detected. We can often determine "risks" of periodontal disease development.
Our goal is to utilize our technological resources and a 'natural' approach to keep you and your family as whole body healthy as possible. Call us on (855) 233-0023 or Request an Appointment

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Dr. Scott Stewart - South Lakewood Dental

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Dr. Scott Stewart is a practitioner of dentistry for over 25 years and has acquired much expertise over the years. Along with his talent, Dr. Stewart appreciates the multitude of contributions made to the field of dentistry via novel and progressive technology.

Whilst being passionate about his service to the community, Dr. Stewart is a revolutionary in his approach to tackling dental health care issues. He is a firm believer in the harmonious balance of the body as opposed to treating symptoms. He emphasizes on the holistic practice of wellbeing and addressing underlying issues to make the “whole person” healthier.