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Ozone - The “magic” of oxygen!

Ozone Therapy Lakewood CO Photo The human body requires oxygen - a naturally occurring element - to exist. Oxygen is essential to the myriad of processes taking place on a cellular level in our bodies every moment. In fact, the immune system regularly produces activated oxygen or “ozone” in defense of the body! What could be more “natural” than using oxygen to assist and promote healing of the body?

What exactly is “ozone”? It is a unique combination of oxygen molecules attracted to each other in certain conditions - “super oxygen” or activated oxygen if you will. The word “ozone” has become synonymous with pollution - in reality particulate matter in the air (pollution) is attracted to and becomes attached to oxygen molecules (ozone). The truth is that ozone is essential to the maintenance of our atmosphere - without it we would perish. This “super oxygen” layer balances, cleanses and protects the breathable air surrounding our planet.

How is ozone used for healing? Some years ago, it was discovered that ozone or “activated oxygen” was very useful in reducing and eliminating viruses, fungi and acidic bacteria. Since many of the organisms harmful to humans are anaerobic (live without oxygen), ozone is the perfect treatment! Ozone has been used very successfully for years to treat infection, trauma, disease and pain. It can be used in various forms - gas, liquid and solid (gel). Ozone breaks down rapidly and the oxygen molecules are absorbed by the body with no drug reactions, residual side effects or allergies. Ozone produces an amazing response from the body - in addition to killing pathogens, it increases blood flow, stimulates the immune systems and accelerates the healing response on many levels!

Dr. Stewart has been using ozone in his practice successfully for the treatment of infections, periodontal disease, decay and the control of pain. The ability to do this without antibiotics and pharmaceuticals is a breakthrough in our quest to initiate and support healing in the most natural way possible! We are striving for healthier and safer solutions for our patients - ozone is just the beginning!

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