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"I can't believe how easy and pretty pain-free the whole dental implant process was. I've had a lifetime of dental work, lots of cavities as a child, root canals as a young adult and my first bridge in my 20's. I was always terrified of dental implants because I have such a total dental phobia but I was just shocked at how easy the process was and how Dr. Stewart was… I tell friends and family now that the implant process was way better than going through a root canal or crown. It's been 3 years and I've had no problems and completely forget I ever have the implant. I'd say to anyone who is scared, "don't be!!"
Dental Implants Lakewood CO Photo OK - even though you took really good care of your teeth, did everything the dentist advised and had regular check-ups, one of your teeth had to be extracted.

Now what? Can I leave it like that? Yep! Is that the best thing for my teeth?

Maybe not! Teeth are like dominoes - you take one out and they all start to move! In the past, a dentist would place a “bridge” to replace the tooth and stabilize the area. Problem - this means “anchoring” the bridge to adjacent teeth which must then bear the load and the “insult” of crowns!

Solution - An implant (artificial root) + A specially crafted crown replaces the lost tooth without relying on or involving adjacent teeth.

Traditional Implant - This technology has progressed dramatically - today it is routine and predictable. A titanium implant is surgically placed and after a period of healing, your dentist places a crown fitted to the implant. The final result is a natural looking, comfortable and functional “tooth”.

Zirconium Implant - This implant is the first non-metal implant and we are proud to be one of the first offices to offer this to our patients. Since the final crown placed is also non-metal, this is ideal for those patients with metal sensitivities and allergies or health issues related to metals.

These days, with people living longer, having comfortable and functional teeth becomes more important than ever! The ability to chew a wide variety of foods efficiently is essential to good nutrition at any age, but especially for seniors.

So many of our patients tell us they wish they had done their implants sooner or as a first solution. We offer a free consultation with Dr. Stewart if you are considering a tooth replacement and would like to discuss possibilities!

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I've learned more about my health and teeth from Dr. Stewart and his team that I'm better able to manage my own dental health at home now. I'm also keeping more health-cost dollars in my pocket. I'm proof that a healthy mouth keeps my dental expenses absolutely minimal.

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