Lakewood dentist describes the facts on sedation dentistry

Patients in the Lakewood area who are experiencing fear and anxiety around their dental appointment are invited to come speak with Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental. His team is available to provide quality care and assistance with sedation dentistry.

Facts on Sedation Dentistry Lakewood

Patients who are faced with the idea of sedation dentistry often want facts on how it works, what to expect, and why it provides relaxation. Dr. Scott Stewart provides oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation uses a medication that is prescribed to promote relaxation. It can also help with pain and discomfort that many patients feel. The medication is taken orally before the appointment so that patients arrive at the office with little anxiety. Unlike other sedative methods that cause patients to fall asleep, oral conscious sedation typically keeps patients awake during their procedure, allowing them to be coherent enough to follow instructions and answer pertinent questions throughout their procedures. Patients are then transported home by a pre-arranged method and rest until the medication wears off. Once they awaken from their nap, they will likely have little to no recollection of their dental appointment—but have their work completed!

Oral conscious sedation is just one of the many sedative methods available through his practice. Sedation at South Lakewood Dental may also be administered through a gas called nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide works almost immediately in relaxing patients in the dental chair and it can be reversed with five minutes of oxygen. Patients can drive to and from their appointment with nitrous oxide and there are no side effects to use. Nitrous oxide is also typically known by others as “laughing gas” as it can make some patients giddy while others become tired.

Dr. Scott Stewart also uses an alternative method of sedation known as AlphaStim™. This electronic device uses sensory medication to control anxiety and fear associated with the dentist’s chair. It does not require patients to arrange transportation and does not utilize any medication or gas for effectiveness. It is a holistic manner of sedation that patients may consider if they want to control their apprehension.

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