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As we age, so do our teeth and jawbone. Over time, the loss of teeth due to periodontal disease, cavities or trauma can lead to resorption or the disintegration of bone by cells known as osteoclasts. As we age, resorption has a tendency to occurat a rate faster than the rate of regeneration, leading to loss of bone density. This can also occur at a higher rate when dentures that don’t quite fit properly are placed in a person’s mouth. Beyond the evident medical issues surrounding the need for precise dentures, having a new set of teeth that fits just right can also do wonders for people’s eating habits and their confidence.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ is a one of a kind teeth replacement option because of the ability to marry function and support to provide both stability and aesthetic value. The standard practice for making dentures is to make an impression of the teeth while holding the mouth still. This impression is then sent to the lab where the denture is made. However, this method is imperfect and imprecise because it doesn’t take into account the everyday movement of the mouth. That is where the Fountain of Youth Dentures™ differs.

Impressions are made while you are moving your mouth in the everyday motions of smiling, eating and talking. This means there is no guesswork involved in how the muscles in your face will affect the placement of your new teeth. Once the dentures are made, they also distribute pressure more evenly than standard dentures, slowing the rate of resorption and providing relief from discomfort.

When dentures don’t fit right it also affects your facial contours. As the jawbone recedes due to resorption, it has a tendency to make patients look older and have a sunken-in look. Fountain of Youth Dentures™naturally sit forward in the mouth because of the precise fit, which creates an almost magical rejuvenation to a patient’s appearance.

To find out if you are qualified for Fountain of Youth Dentures™, call today to schedule an appointment.

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