The benefits of holistic dentistry for patients in the Lakewood, CO area

Patients in Lakewood, CO who are seeking holistic dentistry are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Stewart to learn more about the services available. We understand the connection between the smile and the rest of the body, and want patients to know that we are looking out not only for their teeth and gums, but also for their body as a whole. We offer holistic care and biocompatible materials to ensure overall health and wellness.

Dr. Scott Stewart and his team in Lakewood, CO assist patients at South Lakewood Dental

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a specific field of dental care in which all procedures done are focused on biocompatibility. A biocompatible material is one that is safe for the entire body. Using biocompatible treatments is highly recommended to avoid problems that can arise by not doing so. A perfect example is the use of silver amalgam fillings. These metal fillings are formulated with approximately 50 percent mercury, which is toxic to the human body. Our practice avoids the use of these fillings, and instead uses composite resin, which is safer and will not contribute to toxicity in the same way silver amalgam fillings will. Taking note of problematic materials and techniques allow us to provide truly holistic care in our facility.

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What are some holistic services available at South Lakewood Dental?

  • Mercury-free fillings – many dentists in the area address cavities with silver amalgam fillings. These are made with 50 percent mercury, which is considered toxic to the human body. Instead, we provide an alternative that is tooth-colored and safer for the smile and the body. We also offer safe silver amalgam removal for patients who want to change out their fillings.
  • Zirconium implants – dental implants are a viable option for many patients who need to replace one or more teeth in the smile. However, traditional dentists utilize titanium implants. We offer zirconium implants, as they are more biocompatible with the body and more aesthetic. These restorations are placed into the bone of the jaw to restore the smile.
  • Laser dentistry – our practice uses some of today’s cutting-edge technology to achieve results in a more precise and effective manner. We utilize lasers in our practice for both gum contouring and periodontal disease. Our devices can also be used in preparing the teeth when cavities have been found and need to be filled.
  • Ozone therapy – many patients are excited to learn about the application of ozone to improve the health of their smile while also speeding healing and recovery. Ozone therapy is administered to the mouth before, during, or after certain dental treatments. This gas is highly effective in targeting bacteria and infections while facilitating faster healing following many of our dental procedures.
  • Non-surgical periodontal treatments – periodontal disease affects many patients who have developed an infection of the gums. Instead of undergoing treatments such as scaling and root planing, which can be rather invasive, we focus more on addressing these issues with a gentler manner. We use Biological Microscopic Periodontal-scan to specifically detect the bacteria in the mouth, and then use appropriate treatment options to target the infection and bring the smile back to health.Dr. Scott Stewart offer treatment for patients
  • Headache relief – patients who have conditions such as bruxism or TMD may experience chronic headaches and migraines. Our team of professionals are well-trained in diagnosing the problems that contribute to this daily pain and provide effective solutions. Many of our patients benefit from the use of oral appliance therapy, which can be used to reduce tension and relieve patients from the discomfort they experience due to jaw and joint malfunction. A proper diagnosis is necessary to move forward with this treatment, and our team of professionals are well-versed in providing options for individuals for the relief of these conditions.

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The team at South Lakewood Dental is here for patients in and around the community of Lakewood, Colorado to provide quality, comprehensive dental care, and holistic services. Dr. Scott Stewart offer treatment for patients in the area, and can be reached for a visit at (855) 233-0023 . The practice is conveniently located at 2525 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 11.


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Dr. Scott Stewart is a practitioner of dentistry for over 25 years and has acquired much expertise over the years. Along with his talent, Dr. Stewart appreciates the multitude of contributions made to the field of dentistry via novel and progressive technology.

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