Finding a dentist in Lakewood who understands safe amalgam removal

Dr. Scott Stewart at South Lakewood Dental understands safe amalgam removal.

Most people think amalgam fillings are made of a harmless “silver” compound. They actually contain only a small amount of silver and other metal alloys. The silvery color of these fillings comes from mercury – that slippery shimmer that rises inside a thermometer then the temperature goes up. Remember your mother telling you, “Don’t touch it!” if the thermometer broke? She was right. Mercury is a very toxic element to human physiology, linked to a variety of neurological and other health problems.

How mercury ended up in the mouths of million of dental patients, and why it continues to be used in dentistry is a volatile subject. The important thing is to have it removed safely if a tooth with an amalgam filling needs additional work, or if you decide to have your mercury fillings removed.

Traditional methods of removing old fillings pose a number of health threats.

Dental amalgam releases mercury vapor under friction. Standard drilling procedures allow you and the dental staff to inhale toxic fumes. Drilling also permits microscopic particles of mercury-laden amalgam to be swallowed.
Amalgam debris is rinsed from your mouth and flushed into public wastewater. Your contaminated bib, the dentist’s gloves, and chunks of amalgam end up in the landfill. Ultimately, the mercury you don’t inhale, absorb, or swallow contributes to environmental pollution.

Dr. Scott Stewart and his team at South Lakewood Dental are committed to bringing the safest available amalgam removal methods to patients in Lakewood and surrounding areas. They utilize strict protocols outlined by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), including:

  • Physical protection of the patient’s exposed skin.
  • A rubber dam to prevent particulate matter from being swallowed or inhaled
  • Proper ventilation
  • Filtration of treatment room air
  • Minimal drilling of amalgam fillings, they are broken into chunks, and each piece is carefully removed.
  • Water filtration and correct disposal of amalgam waste
  • Restoration with beautiful, natural looking resin filling material that is strong and durable.

Residents of the Lakewood, Colorado area are energetic and health conscious. They are quickly discovering that biological dentistry is simply an extension of a healthy, responsible lifestyle. How do you find a dentist who understands the importance of safe amalgam removal? Just call (855) 233-0023 to become a South Lakewood Dental patient.


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